US Politics & Democratic Midterms 2022 Strategy by George Mandell

Bipartisanship is dead, according to US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. – Mitch
views it is a zero-sum game and win at all costs and be damned with collateral damage to most
Americans and the USA. Keep in mind that Mitch McConnell and Republicans blindly follow
the myths of Donald Trump and how this golden cow is something to be worshiped regardless.
This is a former President who encouraged a coup attempt in this country, and people died.
Police officers on the frontline of duty. Let us not forget the 140 officers who were injured and
traumatized. The Trump administration was arguably the most corrupt administration in US
history. Tax breaks went to the rich and PPE money went to Trump and Republican supporters,
little to minority business owners. As we are discovering through the NY AG criminal lawsuits,
the Trump Organization is very much a mob operation. Trump himself, just a living sewer.
Republicans are determined to obstruct all Democratic proposals and policies, using the filibuster
as a cudgel in the US Senate. If Republicans succeed, Democrats likely have little to achieve that
helps ordinary Americans. The Biden-Harris Administration and Democrats have priorities of an
infrastructure plan and protecting voting rights, which may come to naught. Or worse still, be
corrupted by a Republican controlled Congress and President later on.

Midterms Election will be held on November 8, 2022

Democratic Strategy For US Midterm Elections 2022

What is the Democratic Strategy in response? We are at a stalemate. – Time to shift gears and
play hardball politics. Start campaigning on make-sense priorities to win the 2022 midterms and
stronger control of House and Senate. The practical reality is that Democrats need to formulate a
plan to rebalance taxes: to argue for giving most Americans a significant tax break and for taxing
the rich and wealthy more effectively. It is not enough “to increase taxes only for those with
incomes over $400,000.” Without strong control of the House and Senate Democrats will not be
able to effect any real changes or protect against corrupt Republican governing. Make it known
what the differences are. Democrats want to rebalance taxes in favor of ordinary Americans and
the working poor. Make the Republicans make the case against the Democrat Plan. Make the
Republicans justify their own game.

Democrats need to focus the conversation on tax fairness, equity, and income and wealth
inequality. Those who have so much, much more than they will ever be able to spend or need,
are not taxed appropriately. Democrats want better lives for Americans by cutting taxes for most
people, most Americans, the working people, and the working poor (whose numbers are growing
under Republican policies). Those very people that Republicans say they support as they
continue to steal and shill for the rich, spreading their conspiracy theories and ideas of white
supremacy. Let the Republicans try to campaign on making a better plan for tax fairness and
equity for most Americans. Make the Republicans campaign against tax fairness and tax cuts for
most Americans during the 2022 midterm elections. Democrats must argue Republicans have
shifted the tax burden over decades onto the shoulders of ordinary Americans. Simply the truth.
The cold, hard truth.

One of the few things the federal government can do well, and the Republicans have won on in
the past, is cutting taxes. That has been Republicans’ battle cry for decades – “We will cut taxes
in favor of the working man.” And that strategy has worked for them, even though they have lied
to the electorate. They have rebalanced the tax system, so it favors the rich and wealthy to a
dangerous extreme over ordinary Americans. Ordinary Americans, like the working public and
the working poor, are under increasing stress and danger. Not to mention the grimmer statistics
for minorities and the poor. People are dying for lack of proper health care. Too many lack safe
and reasonable housing, food, access to education, training, and modern tools of computers and
the internet that create opportunity and stable futures. Statistics show the average life expectancy
for all people in the USA is falling.

What Media Says about Republican’s Corruption

A recent report by the New York Times (NYT, Drucker & Hakim, Private Inequity: How a
Powerful Industry Conquered the Tax System, 06/12/21) shows that hedge fund managers have
been particularly good at tax avoidance, and they are not being prosecuted, despite whistleblower
activity. The rich can be taxed, but they have been very good at using their resources to avoid it.
And Republicans have been good at shifting the burden onto ordinary Americans. ProPublica
recently published the first report in a series (Engelberg & Tofel, 06/08/21; TWP Frankel &
MacMillan summarizes the ProPublica report, 06/08/21) based on actual tax returns showing that
the richest and wealthiest .001% pay about 3.4% of their pretax income on taxes and some pay
none at all due to tax avoidance. In sharp relief, most Americans pay an average of 37% of
pretax income. This is a bombshell report that blows the cover off the idea that the USA tax
system is fair and progressive. Indeed, it makes it quite clear the USA tax system is regressive
and punishing. Indeed, the USA is an Oligarchy, a system of government ruled by the richest and
wealthiest to the detriment of everyone else. Those who can most afford to pay more are the ones
who pay the least. The rich can spend their money on second homes or even third, fourth, fifth,
sixth homes. Gigantic mansions that nobody in their right mind needs, other than as a sign of
status and wealth. Or multi-million-dollar yachts. Like Betsy DeVos and her family. The rich
practice tax avoidance. Yachts are registered in different countries to avoid taxes. Legal under
the US tax code but morally bankrupt as millions suffer for not having enough.

Republican’s Poor Taxation System

The trickle-down theory is a well-practiced hoax perpetrated by Republicans for at least 100
years. Tax cuts for the richest and wealthiest do not trickle down, create economic growth and
make things better for all Americans. Instead, those tax cuts flow into the coffers and offshore
bank accounts of the rich and wealthy. This is the heart of the matter and the key to winning the
2022 midterm elections. – To formulate revision of tax policies for tax fairness and tax relief of
most Americans. Let us not forget that the original income taxes in this country in the early
1900’s were aimed at the wealthy and only the wealthy. Over 100 years and more, Republicans
have been remarkably successful in giving the rich tax breaks; and shifting the burden onto
everyone else. And borrowing $Trillions from the Social Security Trust Fund to avoid raising
taxes. Basically stealing from those most at risk. In other words, Democrats need to rebalance the
corruption of Republican tax policies. In a few words, why are we taxing Social Security
income? Social Security Disability Income, Social Security Retirement income, Social Security
Aid to Dependent Children. Social Security was designed in earlier times to help those most at
risk: the elderly, the disabled, and children. It is not like those Social Security recipients can
afford a few yachts. Democrats need to refocus the conversation on tax fairness, equity, and
income and wealth inequality. Those who have so much, much more than they will ever be able
to spend or need, are not taxed appropriately. Republicans might argue they will cut taxes deeper
for most Americans. But it becomes clearer every day that Republicans really do not know how
to govern. (Lyndon Johnson, 1960’s: “Republicans simply do not know how to manage the
economy. They are so busy operating the trickle-down theory, giving the richest corporations the
biggest breaks that the whole thing goes to hell in a handbasket.” Will Rogers, 1920’s: “The
money was all appropriated for the top in the hopes that it would trickle down to the needy. Mr.
Hoover didn’t know that money trickled up. Give it to the people at the bottom and the people at
the top will have it before night anyhow. But it will at least have passed through the poor
fellow’s hands.”) As a reminder of corrupt and inept Republican governance, on Saturday, June
12, 2021, the United States passed 600,000 deaths due to the coronavirus. Not a mark to
celebrate. Nor a governance trend to continue. Republicans spread hate. They do not fix
problems or make things better for all Americans. Donald Trump and Republicans gave the rich
massive and lasting tax breaks, increasing the federal deficit by $Trillions. Yet Republicans
insist Democrats are to blame. The USA still has a huge defense budget and with the COVID-19
epidemic or pandemic, you must wonder how much the revenue streams for the federal
government will be affected. Taxing the rich more effectively is a necessity. As well as
rebalancing federal budget priorities.

George Mandell

George Mandell Launching 2nd career in Public Policy after 25+ years in mortgage banking. - Trying to give back and make things right. Completed MPA degree in 2017. I would like to work for the Biden-Harris Administration Digital Information Team, The Meidas Touch, the DNC, or others of similar viewpoints. Battling Republican disinformation, corruption, and conspiracy theories are critical to winning the 2022 Midterms. So Democrats can Build Back Better. And not have the USA slide backward under Republican leadership.

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