New Hampshire Politics – Analysis by George Mandell, MPA

In the United States, there are two major political parties: the Democrats and the Republicans. In New Hampshire, many people will tell you that their state is a battleground for these two parties. The truth is that in recent years, more voters have been registering as either Independent or Unaffiliated. One of our main goals with this article is to explore where each party stands on various issues. From abortion to gun control – so you can figure out which side aligns most closely with your own values. 

New Hampshire politics is interesting. The state represents two very different political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. However, it has been known to have more independent voters than any other Democratic nation in history. Currently, both parties hold a majority of about 40 percent each with 20% being independents or third party members. There was once a time when all of New Hampshire was Republican, however, this quickly changed after 2000. The change occurred when the number of independents increased which made it difficult for any party to achieve a majority.

Republican VS Democrats

New Hampshire is home to both the Republican and Democratic parties. Each party has a major presence in New Hampshire politics with Republicans having slightly more of an influence than their rivals, Democrats. There are many issues that Republicans support which Democrats do not agree on such as social security reform along with Obamacare repeal, immigration reform, and tax cuts for large corporations. Democrats are more concerned with things like health care, immigration, and environmental issues. The New Hampshire primaries took place on February the 11th of this year for both parties though they were just a preliminary round before the bigger vote in November. There is currently an ongoing investigation about college students voting illegally during these elections which could have affected them significantly if it occurred.

George Mandell

George Mandell Consultant: Public Policy, Political Campaigns. Conservative / Liberal. I believe conservative principles: Clean air, water and land; healthy and sufficient food; safe and healthy housing; health care; education, opportunity and hope are necessary requirements for human life. Democrats are on-pace to lose the 2022 Midterms. Strategy: Cut taxes for the many, tax the ultra wealthy more. Improve faith in government by making taxation more fair and progressive - those who have more should pay more in taxes. Gun control: Treat guns like cars. Cars can be weapons too and cause loss of lives.