Reasons To Vote For Democrats

In the United States, the Democratic Party is one of the two major political parties; the Republican Party is the other.
“The democratic party was founded on the promise of more participatory democracy… Democrats are in favor of making it easier to vote, not more difficult.”

The Democratic Party has gone through many transformations during its two centuries in existence. During the 19th century, the party supported or acquiesced to slavery and fought civil rights improvements after the American Civil War in order to retain Southern support. Since Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal of the 1930s, the Democratic Party has generally favored greater government economic intervention.

From Watergate To The New Century

Americans are perplexed by the reasons behind their opponents’ actions, with one side divided and the other side confused. The “Blue Wave” was coined as soon as it became apparent that the Democratic Party would take control of the House of Representatives. Experts immediately began explaining the “Blue Wave.”Some claimed it was linked to worries that the president was dragging the United States into dangerous territory; others cited anxiety about health care or compassion for minorities and refugees. According to a recent Penn State Mood of the Nation Poll, however, Republican voters were having none of it.
We asked every Republican in the experiment to try to imagine that they were a member of the opposing party and genuinely believed that the Democratic Party was superior for the country. As a genuine Democratic voter, you might explain your support for the Democratic Party as follows:

  • The Democratic Party is more likely to protect civil liberties and individual freedoms.
  • The Democratic Party supports a stronger economy that helps the middle class and working families.
  • The Democratic Party is committed to providing quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans.
  • The Democratic Party wants to make sure all children have access to a good education.

Democrats Return The Favor

Only slightly more than four in ten Republican voters (42%) felt that most Democratic voters had the country’s best interests at heart, according to a recent poll.
Some Democrats felt that their opponents were mostly driven by the GOP’s “opposition to Obamacare,” “lower taxes,” and support for a party that had “reduced unemployment.”

Three Reasons to Vote Democrat

  • Leadership With Vision Really Matters

Caring more about our state and country’s future generations’ personal health, community health, environmental health, and economic health begins with leadership and vision.

  • Character Truly Counts

When a party fails to pay attention to its character, there should be a consequence; it is an opportunity for transformation. The Democratic Party, currently, is expressing a greater understanding of the principles of character.

  • Unity Does Make Us Stronger

The term “public servant” refers to government officials. When our legislators advocate for the policies and people who are the backbone of this nation: veterans, health care providers, essential service providers, farmers, teachers, small businesses—in addition to all of us in between—our quality of life improves and our democracy stands stronger. The Democrats are currently more preoccupied with bringing people together.

‘I’d like to vote Democratic’: swing voters who want an excuse not to support Trump again

Monroe County, Michigan, saw one of the country’s largest shifts from Obama to Trump – and many swing voters are expected to support Trump in spite of their reservations.
“I don’t believe any of them is comparable to Barack Obama. That guy just appeared out of nowhere. He had a lot of charisma. I don’t see that on any of these people,” he said. “Joe Biden, I think his time has gone. Bernie [Sanders] seems sharp but he’s too socialist – him and Warren. Their ideas won’t play well in Michigan or Nebraska or Iowa.”

Why do Poor White Americans Despise the Democrats? Why shouldn’t they?

First, it pigeonholes interests. When I vote for parties that advocate wealth redistribution, I do so against my financial best interests as a well-paid journalist. That’s because when I vote, I’m more concerned with issues beyond my own bank account.
Secondly, For example, if the question was “Do you believe that the economy is improving?” and the respondents were instead voting on purely economic issues, it might make more sense to ask them to answer the question.
Lastly, it is creating a false equivalence between Democrats and Republicans in order to make voters with unemployment still about 8%, many of the benefits of healthcare reform still to kick in, and bankers still running amok, it’s not like Regardless of their race, the Democratic Party is pushing for policies that would benefit low-income people economically. Bill Clinton was responsible for cutting welfare, promoting the North American Free Trade Agreement, and repealing the Glass-Steagall Act – all of which aided to create a more unequal society.
The Democratic Party is committed to providing quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans. The Democratic Party wants to make sure all children If you were going to trade your religious beliefs for economic gain, you could be forgiven for demanding a better deal than that.
People might vote merely because of their race, in which case non-Whites are 15% more racist than Whites, according to these statistics. And this is where the Democratic Party has failed to reach out to poor Whites.
But, of course, it’s a lot more difficult than that.

George Mandell

George Mandell Launching 2nd career in Public Policy after 25+ years in mortgage banking. - Trying to give back and make things right. Completed MPA degree in 2017. I would like to work for the Biden-Harris Administration Digital Information Team, The Meidas Touch, the DNC, or others of similar viewpoints. Battling Republican disinformation, corruption, and conspiracy theories are critical to winning the 2022 Midterms. So Democrats can Build Back Better. And not have the USA slide backward under Republican leadership.

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